Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Edisi Bajet Kecik ~ Hiasan Bilik Pengantin~

hiasan bilik pengantin-edisi bajet!

In the middle of me considering to really allocate budget for bilik pengantin because my brother’s wed reception will be held at no need to hired a wedding planner to deco this bilik..(safe budget sket).So, I guess bilik pengantin ni mmg la satu mende yg seryes...I think I don't have to elaborate it longer cz for sure U guys understand rite??heheh...

So, don't take urusan menghias bilik pengantin lightly..(applicable to those yg buat majlis di rumah la). In my experience, looking at my frens' / relatives majlises, even if the reception was done at dewan, the other side of the family would wanna see the bilik pengantin decoration. I don't understand why they wanna's just a bedroom kan??Sometimes I heard the makcik2 especially, they were criticizing the deco??They, especially the elders really take bilik pengantin seriously.

So, I decided to really get serious in bilik pengantin business. Even so, I don't have a big budget to really do so T_T. After a lot of thinking (xdela a lot mane;p), I think I can do something that's cheap, yet nice (Oh, please pray for this to work T_T).

My first BABY step...go to ikea/JJ/Parkson and even SOGO oso, find stuffs to deco my brothers’ room. Perabot mmg dh tk beli pkai mana ader jer yet still new (bought since last 8 yrs ago for my wedding)..I'll b using what's already available. I was thinking to just rearrange everything and later put small2 things to improvise to room a bit. I hope it work. Then mbe I akan tukarkn cadar the new one (dh usha kat SOGO brand AKEMI got 70% + cheaaappppp loh…from RM788 I can get RM199 and its’ KING SIZE okeh!=)

Okeh, to not being selfish, this is some of the ideas to deco the room that I found in

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